Things Only Women of Color Writers Hear
April 18, 2017

Dear writers and readers,

Since yesterday, female writers have been using the #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear hashtag to alert Twitterers to their sufferings. Not to mansplain, but this is an important issue and it’s worth reading through the tweets from women struggling in the still male-dominated publishing industry. Or read this digest of the highlights.

But the publishing industry isn’t just dominated by men. It’s not just unfair for women. It’s dominated by white men, as author Zoraida Córdova pointed out today. With that in mind, L.L. McKinney started the #WhatWoCWritersHear tag.



And quickly, women writers of all colors were joining in.



Writers, readers, of all sexes, races, and ethnicities … can we all just get angry about this? And then can we all do something about it?

#OwnVoices stories are important. Tell your story.

Writing stories with diverse characters is important. I know paper’s white, and you may be too, but every character doesn’t have to be.

Readers? Buying diverse stories is important, reading diverse authors is important.

There’s stuff you can do. Get out there and do it

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