An Open Letter to Young Writers
May 29, 2017

An Open Letter to Young Writers

Dear young writers,

Keep writing.

Write more. Write as much as you can.

I promise you, you’ll never look back and say, “Man, I wish I hadn’t written so much. What am I going to do with all these short stories and novels I’ve written? Gosh. Useless.” It’s not going to happen. But I look back all the time and say, “Man, I wish I’d written more.”

Not everything you write will be worth keeping. Some of it will be a poorly-digested heap of rhinoceros feces. Maybe a lot of it. Maybe most of it. But the more you write, the more good stuff you’ll excrete along the way. There will be a few golden nuggets in there with the soggy McDonald’s chicken.

You’ll never regret writing more. You’ll always regret writing less.

It won’t always be easy. Sometimes it will be very, very hard. Keep writing.

You won’t always have time. Sometimes you’ll be so busy and so dead tired you won’t want to write a word. Do it anyway. Keep writing.

You’ll have drive spells. Sometimes you just won’t write for a while. Push through. Never give up. Never regret. Keep writing.

You’ll hate every word you write. Sometimes¬†you’ll wish someone more talented were writing it instead of you. Keep writing.

Because the more you write, the better you get. You get used to your words. You get to know the feeling of the keys clicking under your fingers.

And you’ll build up folders and folders full of good ideas – half-written, poorly-written, unwritten good ideas. You’ll build up material to work with later on, stories you can rewrite, ideas you can reshape, material you’ll never regret storing up for a future, better you.

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