Who is Caleb Peiffer?

Photo by Stephanie Quiles
photo by Stephanie Quiles

Caleb is the author of the published novels: The Second Death, Red and Lowring, and Gone Like the Shadow. He is always the author of several unpublished and in-progress novels, so keep an eye on him. You can also read his many published short stories in varied genres, including sci-fifantasy, and mystery. He writes almost anything.

Writing has been his passion since childhood. He’s dabbled in poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, comic scripting, blogging, and even copywriting. You name it, he’s written it. But writing novels and short stories will always be his first love.

He’s a Christian. He doesn’t mind if you’re not, but it’s important to him that he is.

He currently lives in paradise on the east coast of Florida with his family.

This blog is where he rambles about the things he does and what’s helped him do it, and how it might help you.

You may reach him at calebpeiffer [at] gmail [dot] com.


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