Great Writing Advice From Around the Web (Vol. 2)
April 21, 2017


Writing advice doesn't just fall from the sky.

Dear writers,

Great writing advice doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Does it?

No. It comes from great writers. Who offer their advice on the interwebs. Some of which I have gathered together here for you today to drop on you like a bomb. From the sky.

I mean, you do want some of the best tips and tricks that will expertly learn you in the doing of lexical acrobatics and loop-the-loops, right?

I knew you did.


What I’ve Learned After 5 Years and 20 Books: 25 Lessons

Author: Chuck Wending | Blog: Terribleminds

Yes. I’ll probably always start off with Chuck. Chuck is a double-fisted coffee-slugging mostly-drunk  bee-eating skunk-mouthed sage-bearded pantsless redneck writing sensei who spits ink when he talks. You should listen to him.

In this pre-birthday special episode of Chuck Wendig’s spiral into being a crazy old man who mutters to himself and sleeps under bridges and urinates in his pants like a “territorial bear,” (instead of being a crazy early middle-aged man who does all these things), he unspools the yarn of his five-year journey as a writer, and then goes on to the writing advice, starting with why writing advice is BS. Following that A-grade piece of advice, he follows up with 24 other things that he learned from his lustrum of experience as a writer.


Just What Makes STORY for You?

Author: Casey Herringshaw | Blog: The Writer’s Alley

The Writer’s Alley is the equivalent of a wild-eyed cat lady who is also a writer, except instead of cats, she puts collars on other women writers and feeds them chocolate. And all for the glory of God!

In this article, Casey Herringshaw, registered Alleycat, searches for the elusive definition of that vague word, “story,” and what makes it what it is.


You, a Lion

Author: Steven Pressfield | Blog: Steven Pressfield Online

Writer, retired marine, wise old man, and author of the muchly affamed The War of Art: Steven Pressfield, ladies and gentleman. His blog chronicles his thoughts, advice, and lessons learned on the subject of writing and art.

In this uplifting post, Pressfield talks about what makes us human, what makes us writers, what makes us lions, and the willing embrace of adversity.


Stop Worrying About What People Think and Create Anyway

Author: Bryan Hutchinson | Blog: Positive Writer

One of the ultimate sources of writer’s block, and any artist’s block: What will the world think of my art?

Here, Hutchinson – the titular Positive Writer, who blogs about writer’s doubts and how to overcome them – explores the core of our writing insecurities, examines what they are and where they come from, and puts forth his solution. A positive read.

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