Free Stuffs for You to Read Today, Some Plans, and Cute Animals Using Typewriters
March 5, 2017

Dear fellow writers and readers and animal picture enthusiasts,

Did I say FREE?

I did say that. Tortured Worlds, my new science fiction collection, is available FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow!

So what is Tortured Worlds? It’s a collection of five short stories. Is there something here for you? If you like post-apocalyptic fics, first contact, dystopias, or fantasy space romance, there is. If you want to see nonbinary WWI pilots, non-humanoid alien superheroes, exploding planets, or chaos gods, there is. If you like stories that are 10,000 words long, stories that are 5,000 words long, or stories that are just 3,000 words long, there is.

So, go ahead. Check it out. I’ll wait.

Back? So let’s talk about what I’m working on next. I’ve got a Kickstarter in the early preliminary rounds of circling my thought-waves, so I’ll keep you updated if that becomes a thing. I’m pretty excited about it, so I think it will.

I’m also writing more science fiction short stories, definitely. Including one that has to do with what might end up being that Kickstarter. So watch out for that. (Not it’s-going-to-hit-you-in-the-face kind of watch out. It’s-going-to-be-exciting-and-I-hope-you-like-it kind of watch out.)

So there’s that stuff.

But we all know the real reason you came here.

So here’s some animals writing on typewriters. (Starting with a chimp who’s presumably writing Shakespeare.)

Ernest Hominidae.
And just look at this handsome devil.
Edgar Allan Paw?
Quoth the Raven.
Maybe she’s writing The Carrot-bury Tales.

Do I have one more? I do have one more.

Water For Elephants rewritten as an Own Voices story.

Stay in your write mind, folks.

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